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Daily Newsletter
Keynote Lecture

Making Model-Driven Verification Practical and Scalable - Experiences and Lessons Learned
Lionel Briand, Université du Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  Verification challenges in the software industry, including testing, come in many different forms, due to significant differences across domains and contexts. But one common challenge is scalability, the capacity to test and verify increasingly large, complex systems. Another concern relates to practicality. Can the inputs required by a given technique be realistically provided by engineers? Though, to a large extent, Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is a significant component of many verification techniques, a complete solution is necessarily multidisciplinary and involves, for example, machine learning or evolutionary computing components.

This talk reported on 10 years of research tackling verification and testing problems, in most cases in actual industrial contexts, relying on MDE but also metaheuristic search, optimisation, and machine learning. The focus of the talk was on how to scale to large system input spaces and achieve practicality by decreasing the level of detail and precision required in models and abstractions.
Posters Session

Today 15 posters were scheduled to be presented in a forum for presenters from around the world to highlight their work and to share their successful ideas with colleagues by presenting a research study, a practical problem-solving effort, or an innovative idea. The Poster presentations provided other conference participants an opportunity to quickly and easily become acquainted with the presenters’ poster topic.
Closing Session

At the closing session, A "Best Paper Award", a "Best Student Paper Award" and a "Best PhD Project Award" were conferred to the author(s) of a full paper presented at the conference, selected by the Program/Conference Chairs based on the best combined marks of paper reviewing, assessed by the Program Committee, and paper presentation quality, assessed by session chairs at the conference venue.
Farewell Cocktail

Time to say goodbye and what a great way of doing it. Enjoy a laugh with new and old friends and we hope to have your presence at the conference’s next edition.