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The purpose of workshops is to provide a more interactive and focused platform for presenting and discussing new and emerging ideas. The format of paper presentations may include oral presentations, poster presentations, keynote lectures and panels. Depending on the number of presentations, workshops can be scheduled for 1 day or 2 days. All accepted papers will be published in a special section of the conference proceedings book, under an ISBN reference, and on digital support. All papers presented at the conference venue will be available at the SCITEPRESS Digital Library. SCITEPRESS is a member of CrossRef and every paper is given a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). The proceedings are submitted for indexation by The DBLP Computer Science Bibliography, Web of Science / Conference Proceedings Citation Index, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Engineering Index (EI) and SCOPUS.


AMARETTO 2016International Workshop on domAin specific Model-based AppRoaches to vErificaTion and validaTiOn
Chair(s): Antonello Calabrò, Francesca Lonetti and Eda Marchetti

International Workshop on
domAin specific Model-based AppRoaches to vErificaTion and validaTiOn
 - AMARETTO 2016


Antonello Calabrò
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione "A.Faedo"
Francesca Lonetti
National Research Council (CNR) Pisa
Eda Marchetti

Recent years have witnessed the emergence of domain specific model-based approaches for verification and validation in software development. These approaches are tailored to specific needs and use domain knowledge to adapt well-known model-based approaches for verification and validation. It is generally agreed that the use of domain specific solutions is cost effective and can offer vast improvements in assessment of final software product. The aim of this workshop is to investigate different aspects and domain specific solutions for model-based verification and validation. This workshop provides a forum for academia, industry, and research and development communities to share their knowledge, exchange experiences and ideas, and discuss challenges and future research directions in the area of domain specific model-based verification and validation.
Topics: V&V solutions for specific domain Domain specific testing strategies Safety and Security V&V Model-based security assessment Requirements elicitation and modeling Methodological approaches for V&V Generation of domain-specific V&V frameworks Model-driven test suite generation Domain specific V&V tools Customization of V&V methodologies to specific domain V&V approaches at design level Simulation and monitoring for specific application domain Business process modeling and assessment Certification and assessment of software products In-house vs. third party V&V solutions